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The People Behind 420 Mules


    Cheryl & Mike

    Mike's Story

    420 MULES

    I am a believer in medicinal marijuana.  I have experienced the benefits of cannabis.


    After five back surgeries and two rebuilt knees, getting out of bed each morning was a painful endeavor. I was on a variety of prescription painkillers and muscle relaxers, but nothing even touched the pain enough to let me sleep through the night. I needed to break the cycle of putting pharmaceuticals into my body, and I finally found relief through cannabis.


    When I started my cannabis journey, I had a steep learning curve regarding the legal side of the industry. My experience had been like most people’s experiences – random guys had product and were not sure of its origin or strength and their quality changed from week to week.


    Once I realized that cannabis was the natural answer to my medical issues, I embraced the science and technology of the industry. I entrenched myself in learning everything I could regarding the intricacies of cannabis – from the makeup of the different elements and their benefits to the best ways to grow and harvest different strains. Today’s strains are custom grown with standards that ensure quality and consistency to the consumer.


    When I moved to Maine, I started to follow my passion and made it my mission to help others who were suffering – whether in pain from injuries, dealing with anxiety, or facing other ailments. It’s impossible to know everything about the positive effects of this amazing plant, but I can help guide you on a journey of self-healing.


    Offering a delivery service allows you the convenience to shop from home. I'll bring product right to your door! I’m working with in-state growers, manufactures, and making a few edibles myself as I strive to bring the best of the best to this area of Maine. As 420 Mules continues to grow, my vendor list will expand, and we will offer additional options and selections. Let me know what you like and what works for you - it could help someone else. I want this to be a healing community. So if there is a strain you like, an edible you enjoy, a dab to help you through a tough time let me know.


    We are here to help.


    420 Mules - “Delivering Quality Medicinal Cannabis to our clients in Maine

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